3D Printing Stream

Do you often wish you can watch paint dry for extended periods of time? I don't, but I do need to make sure my unattended 3D prints are humming along. In the case of a print failure, not having the ability to detect and power down can sometimes mean a big mess of plastic, a broken extruder, or at the extreme, a house fire. Trying to avoid all this mess, I utilize Octopi and its streaming capabilities. I then have that monitored by HomeAssistant, which triggers a MQTT event when the printing starts that is caught by Node-Red, which finally launches FFMPEG and sends it to Twitch. I know, it was a mouth full. If you are ever so board that you want to watch heated plastic extrude through a nozzle, well, do I have a site for you!

Watch live video from symirony on www.twitch.tv